Thoughts on Web 2.0

Web 2.0 initiated from the business sector and the Web 2.0 programs rapidly became the tools of choice.  There has been a significant transition in the use of the Internet.  Since the World Wide Web was largely a one-way vehicle it is now moving to a two-way process. Thus inviting an experience to share and collaborate within a society.  Sounds great but it does not diminish the focus on the continual social question locally, nationally or globally, “Who is steering the ship and how are “we” part of the journey?”

In using this metaphor it describes a much larger picture to evaluate and assess but it can also describe a smaller view on how “we” are part of this voyage.  As a classroom educator who is interested in being part of this growing assembly to discover and use these types of tools in my teaching and learning I need to be aware that any development done in the classroom will be managed by the constraints established within the school and it’s environment. The movement from “www” towards the Web 2.0 means that a solid infrastructure needs to be developed, tested, evaluated and maintained. In creating any foundation for a successful and meaning experience it needs to be transparent and seamless to all shareholders of the school environment.  That is a big challenge.  I am excited about going on the cruise but I am not sure I know all the rules and expectations of those on the same journey.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Web 2.0

  1. I think your metaphor is very telling. It really references the entire Internet since its inception as a text based tool before the web. I agree I think this is going to be an exciting journey to be on and in many ways a turning point to our global society development. As our society changes to accommodate these new forms of communication and collaboration so will our education system.
    Thanks for sharing the great articles.

  2. Schools are very slow to embrace change. Web 2.0 tools are more intimidating to teachers than when students first starting using the Internet for research. Filters and firewalls will keep most schools from jumping onboard the Web Cruise Line.

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